Garters for the Bride


      Garters are a popular bridal accessory for the wedding. The elastic textile bands are worn as a decoration around the thigh - hidden under the wedding dress - and provide great excitement for your groom on the wedding night. 

      In classic ivory, garters go perfectly with the white wedding dress, but in a blue tone they pick up the wedding tradition by representing "Something Blue". Whether made of playful lace in boho style or with rhinestones and pearls - a garter is a special accessory for exciting moments.

      Wedding garters

      Garters are a traditional accessory for brides and can add a romantic and playful touch to the wedding outfit. We have listed here where the custom comes from, which garter fits your wedding dress and what you have to consider:

      - Tradition and symbolism: Wearing a garter has a long tradition at weddings and is often seen as a good luck charm for the bride. In some cultures, the garter is considered a symbol of fertility and is worn by the bride during the wedding reception and later thrown by her.

      - Style and Design: Garters come in a variety of styles and designs, from simple and plain to intricately decorated. Popular embellishments for garters include lace, satin, pearls, bows, small charms, or even personalized elements such as initials or wedding dates.

      - Fit and comfort: When choosing a garter, it is important to ensure that it fits comfortably and does not dig in or slip. An elastic band or adjustable fasteners can help adjust the fit and ensure the garter stays in place throughout the day.

      - Coordination with the wedding outfit: Even if you can't actually see it or only barely see it, the garter should match the style and colour of the wedding dress. Many brides choose a garter that is either the same shade as the dress or a contrasting color that matches the wedding color scheme.

      - Use during the wedding reception: Traditionally, the garter is worn by the bride under her dress and later revealed during the wedding reception, usually as part of a game or tradition in which the groom searches for the garter or the bride throws it. However, some brides choose to wear the garter visibly throughout the wedding reception.

      - Personalization options: Many brides choose to personalize their garter by having it personalized with their initials, wedding date or other special symbols. This gives the garter a personal touch and makes it a special souvenir of the wedding day.