Bridal Sneakers

      Sneakers for the wedding? But yes! Trainers are no longer a no-go on the big day. Not only are bridal sneakers a practical and comfortable alternative to high heels, they are also a modern statement for open-minded, stylish brides.

      Casual, playful, with a glitter effect or lace details: cool bridal sneakers are available for every taste and to match every wedding dress.

      Why comfy wedding shoes matter

      Bridal shoes are an accessory that should not be underestimated on the big day. They complete your look and are literally the finishing touch to your outfit. It is therefore all the more important that your shoes are comfortable, provide secure support and accompany you safely through the (usually very long) day.

      It doesn't always have to be high heels or pumps for the wedding - we'll tell you what advantages bridal sneakers can offer you.

      Why wearing bridal sneakers has become so popular

      The trend for bridal sneakers has increased significantly in recent years, with more and more brides opting for comfortable and stylish sneakers on their wedding day. But why exactly are wedding sneakers becoming more and more popular? Here are some reasons that might convince you too.

      Comfort: Traditional bridal shoes such as high heels or pumps can be elegant, but they are often uncomfortable, especially when worn for many hours. Sneakers offer a comfortable alternative that allows the bride to move freely, dance and enjoy the day without sore feet.

      Individuality and style: Sneakers offer you the opportunity to express your personality and individual style. There are a variety of designs, colors and customization options, so that as a bride you can find a pair that perfectly matches your wedding dress and style.

      Practicality: Wedding sneakers are often a more practical choice, especially for outdoor celebrations or those that involve a lot of walking or dancing. They are less prone to dirt and damage compared to delicate high heels or delicate lace-embellished pumps.

      Fashion trend: Sneakers have become a staple in the fashion world and are no longer just sports shoes for jogging or going to the gym. Designers and fashion brands now offer exclusive and luxurious sneaker models that are specially designed for special occasions, including weddings.

      Sustainability: Some brides choose sneakers for sustainable reasons. They are often more versatile and can continue to be worn after the wedding, unlike traditional bridal shoes, which may only be worn once because they are less adaptable than sneakers.

      Symbolism: Sneakers can also have a symbolic meaning by underlining the start of a modern, equal partnership where comfort and practicality are the main focus. They also represent a modern and open-minded, relaxed and uncomplicated look.

      In summary, bridal sneakers offer a comfortable, stylish and practical alternative to classic bridal shoes, allowing brides to enjoy their big day to the fullest while remaining fashionable.

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      Flache Brautschuhe
      Bridal sneakers – The benefits
      1. Comfort: Stand and dance for long periods without pain.
      2. Style: A variety of designs to match any wedding dress.
      3. Reusability: Can be used even after the wedding day.

      What to consider when buying bridal sneakers

      Material: It's not just the look that matters - especially on warm days, you should do something good for your feet. Soft and supple material is always more comfortable. Bridal sneakers made of leather or satin generally adapt better to the shape of the foot than models made of synthetic leather.

      Fit: Of course, your sneakers should fit perfectly. As with all shoes, it's best to try them on in the afternoon, as feet usually swell over the course of the day and fit differently in the morning than in the evening.

      Pay attention to color and design: Find the right style that suits you and your wedding dress. Whatever you like is allowed. Bridal sneakers are available in simple versions or elaborately decorated with lace or sequins. You don't necessarily have to go for white or ivory. There are many models in sparkling metallic tones such as gold or silver, which provide a great contrast to the classic white wedding dress.

      Price: Determine the budget you are willing to spend on a pair of bridal sneakers. There is a wide price range here. Cheaper models starting at around 50 euros, sneakers from the most famous sports brands, but also sneakers from the big luxury labels (there is no upper limit here) are available. At noni you will find high-quality and chic bridal sneakers with a good price-performance ratio.

      Popular bridal sneakers styles & brands

      In addition to the traditional sports brands, labels that specialize in bridal shoes now also offer their own sneakers.
      At noni you will find models from Fiarucci, Elsa Coloured Shoes, The Perfect Bridal Company and Bobbies from Paris.

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