Bridal Stoles & Loops


      A stylish solution to keep you warm on cool summer nights at your wedding party or at the wedding ceremony in the church: a shawl made of soft knitwear.

      The elegant woolen shawl is as a closed loop keeps your shoulders cosy and warm. Available in many colours. Whether in classic ivory or in a contrasting colour such as pink, red or blue - the bridal shawl can be wonderfully combined with your bridal look, but also after your wedding.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      There are several lovely ways to wear an elegant shawl and present it in the best way. Place it conventionally around your shoulders and hold it in the crooks of your arms or wrap it loosely around your neck like a scarf.
You can also wear a wrap over your shoulders or casually around your neck.
      Depending on your bridal dress, you can choose between different shawls. We offer a large selection of bridal shawls in different colours and materials. In addition to cashmere and knitted stoles, you can also find bridal shawls made of the same high-quality lace fabrics that we use for our wedding dresses.

      Warming accessories

      Cozy stoles and loops are essential for every bride

      Stoles, scarves and loops are elegant and versatile accessories that are perfect for complementing your bridal look and protecting you from cool temperatures at the same time. They are available in soft wool, delicate tulle or lightweight fine knit. Whether you throw it casually over your shoulders or drape it artfully around your torso, a stole is a timeless accessory that will add a touch of glamor to your wedding day.

      Bride Stoles
      Elegant accessories for your wedding

      A bridal stole is a timeless accessory that adds a touch of glamor to your wedding day. It is casually thrown over the shoulder and can be combined with any wedding dress. A wedding stole keeps you warm on warm summer nights, is an ideal topper for the church and essential for a winter wedding. A stole made from soft cashmere is particularly suitable for cooler temperatures. The classic choice is a stole in a cream or white shade that harmonizes with your dress. But a scarf in color can also be a great accent.

      Bridal loops
      Trendy accessories for modern brides

      Loops, also known as tube scarves or infinity scarves, are trendy and modern accessories that are perfect for modern brides. With their seamless, endless shape, bridal loops are not only warming but also create a unique look. Whether made from fluffy wool, lightweight tulle or soft jersey, a bridal loop can add a casual yet elegant touch to your wedding outfit. Simply drape the wedding loop around your shoulders or wrap it twice around your neck for a trendy look that perfectly complements your modern wedding dress.