Bridal Coats

      Whether you're getting married in autumn or winter or just want to be prepared for cool temperatures in a long night out. A bridal coat or jacket will keep you wonderfully warm and fantastic-looking at the same time.

      Find the right accessory complete your wedding look: bridal jackets made of fine lace, but also coarse knitted coats and light cardigans in delicate ivory. For our urban brides and a modern look you can choose between embroidered denim jackets, blazers and purist bomber jackets.
      Braut Jacken und Mäntel für die Hochzeit

      Bridal coats & jackets

      Dressed stylishly and warmly on your wedding day

      As a bride, you don't just want to look stunning on your big day, you also want to be prepared for all situations and temperatures. A bridal coat or jacket is therefore an essential accessory that should not be missing from any styling, especially if you are getting married in fall or winter. Find valuable tips on combinations and choosing your warming topper here.

      The right bridal jacket or coat for your wedding dress

      Choosing the right bridal jacket or coat is crucial for perfect bridal styling. This is because it completes your entire wedding outfit and should definitely match the style and shape of your wedding dress. Choosing the right bridal coat or jacket therefore depends heavily on your wedding dress itself.

      * A modern blouson or an elegant short coat is particularly suitable for a casual formal outfit with bridal trousers.
      * If you have opted for a classic A-line dress, it is better to combine it with a short, close-fitting jacket such as a bolero or a fine knitted jacket.
      * Combine chunky knitwear with fine tulle or chiffon to create an exciting material contrast.
      * You can ideally wear a white bridal jacket with a subtle jacquard pattern with a very simple wedding outfit. If you have chosen a two-piece dress with romantic lace, be sure to combine it with a simple coat or jacket so as not to overload your look.

      The main rule here is: the coat or jacket you wear at your wedding should always complement the overall look and not distract from your dress.

      Warm topper for the wedding
      Material of the bridal jacket or coat

      Another important factor is the material of the jacket or coat. Warmer fabrics such as wool, velvet or even faux fur are recommended for a winter wedding, while lighter fabrics such as lace, crepe or light knitwear are suitable for a spring wedding. Make sure that the material is breathable and offers you sufficient freedom of movement so that you feel comfortable throughout the day.

      Braut Jacken und Mäntel für die Hochzeit
      Braut Jacken und Mäntel für die Hochzeit
      Braut Jacken und Mäntel für die Hochzeit
      Braut Jacken und Mäntel für die Hochzeit
      Practical aspect
      Does the bridal jacket suit my needs?

      In addition to style and appearance, it is important to consider the practical aspects of your bridal coat or jacket. Consider whether you have enough freedom of movement to move and dance freely. You should also consider how easy it is to put on and take off, especially if you want to wear your coat or jacket during the ceremony and take it off afterwards. If you have a very elaborate bridal hairstyle, you should choose a jacket that you can take off without ruining it.

      Beautiful alternatives to the bridal jacket or coat

      For brides looking for an alternative way to keep warm on their wedding day, there are plenty of stylish options beyond the classic bridal jacket or coat. From elegant bridal capes to romantic knitted stoles, there are many ways to complete your wedding look while protecting you from the cold. Stoles or scarves are not only a great alternative to a bridal jacket or coat, they can also complement them perfectly at a winter wedding. These versatile accessories can be worn in a variety of ways, whether draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the torso.

      Overall, there are many beautiful alternatives to the traditional bridal jacket or coat that will complement your wedding look and keep you warm at the same time. Whether you opt for an elegant cape, a delicate bolero or a casual poncho, with the right choice of topper you will not only look stunningly beautiful on your big day but also feel completely comfortable.