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Frequently asked questions

Depending on what style of wedding dress you choose, the options and models of shapewear will also vary. For an off-the-shoulder dress you can wear a strapless adhesive bra, for a backless or flared wedding dress we have several bodysuits to choose from.

For a classic white dress, we recommend using light, nude-colored underwear to prevent it from showing through. For tight dresses, you can wear opaque shapewear that is closest in color to your skin tone.

In general, the right shapewear fits closely to the body, but should not pinch. It is best to try it on and make sure that it does not roll up or slip when you move. 

Also, of course, it depends on your personal taste and - most importantly - how you feel most comfortable. 

Please have a look at our size chart. In addition, if you are not sure or are between two sizes, you can order several models for comparison and return the non-fitting item free of charge. 

You can use shapewear to conceal or emphasize certain body parts. It should fit tightly, but in no case constrict or cut into the skin. Therefore, buy the underwear in your normal clothing size and not one size smaller, otherwise it might pinch and you will most likely feel uncomfortable. 

There are three different shaping levels for our items from Spanx: 

Shaping Level 1: "A light hug"
Shaping Level 2: "A tight hug"
Shaping Level 3: "A very tight hug"

If you only want to achieve a slight change through your shapewear, the first level is optimal for you. This level is the most comfortable and can be worn perfectly in everyday life. If you want to have a little more sculpting, you can choose the products of the second level. If you want to shape your body strongly, the third level is perfect for you and gives you high control over your look.