Wedding dresses for mature brides over 50

      Finding a wedding dress as a mature bride is not always easy, as most wedding attire is designed for a younger target group.

      But even if you have left the twenties, thirties and forties behind you, are perhaps getting married for the second time or are a bride-to-be over 50, you want to wear your dream dress on the big day that fits you perfectly and reflects your type will be married.

      Discover our selection of wedding dresses for brides over 50.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      As a bride over 50, it is important to choose a wedding dress that suits your personality and style. Since you usually already know exactly what suits you and what doesn't, we recommend listening to your intuition and, if necessary, getting individual advice from our professional advisors. Book your [personal wedding dress appointment]( easily on our website.
      At noni, brides over 50 often enjoy [simple clean chic wedding dresses](, which are characterized by purist cuts and elegant materials such as chiffon or silk. We also offer numerous lace options that feature timeless designs and flattering necklines.
      Depending on your chosen [wedding dress](, you can complete your look with special jewellery, an elegant belt or subtle, pretty hair accessories. At noni we also offer stylish [wedding shoes]( that round off your bridal outfit.
      You can easily [book an appointment]( for professional wedding dress advice via our website. You can choose between a [consultation online](, on site in our showroom in Cologne or book an appointment for the [bridal fashion outlet]( in the noni boutique.
      Yes, we offer a wide range of clothing that is ideal for a civil wedding. From midi skirts made of high-quality materials such as chiffon or crepe to sparkling sequin tops, elegant bridal trousers and decorated lace tops, you will find a large range of modern [registry office outfits]( as well as the matching accessories and bridal shoes.
      When it comes to wedding dresses, the term "plain" refers to a design aesthetic characterized by simplicity and restraint. A simple wedding dress is characterized by the following essential features: Minimalist design: Simple wedding dresses have a minimalist and unobtrusive design. They are free of excessive embellishments, elaborate details or eye-catching patterns. Clear lines: Simple wedding dresses are characterized by clear, straight lines and simple cuts. They often have a timeless and classic silhouette. Little or no embellishments: In contrast to elaborately designed dresses, simple wedding dresses often lack elaborate embellishments such as lace, beads, sequins or embroidery. Instead, they focus on the base material of the dress. Restrained colors: Simple wedding dresses are usually kept in neutral colors such as white, ivory, champagne or pastel tones. These colors emphasize the simplicity of the dress. Little or no volume: Simple wedding dresses often have less volume in the skirt area compared to voluminous princess dresses or ball gowns. Focus on fabric and cut: The beauty of a simple wedding dress lies in the fabric and cut of the dress itself. The quality of the fabric and the precision of the cut are the focus. Versatility: Due to their simplicity, simple wedding dresses are versatile and can be easily combined with different accessories to achieve the desired style. They provide a canvas to showcase the bride's personal style. Overall, when it comes to wedding dresses, “simple” can be understood as a synonym for unobtrusive, minimalist and timeless. It is a design choice that focuses on the bride's natural beauty and the elegance of the dress itself.
      Choosing the right style and material for a wedding dress depends on various factors, primarily your personal preferences, your body shape, the wedding location and the time of year. Here are some steps that can help you figure out which style and material suits you best: Research online and in bridal magazines: Start by doing online research and looking at bridal magazines. Collect pictures of wedding dresses you like and create a collage or mood board to get closer to your style preferences. Consider your body shape: Think about what cuts and silhouettes best suit your body shape. For example, an A-line dress can emphasize the waist and skim the hip area, while a mermaid dress can highlight the curves. Consider the wedding venue and season: The wedding venue and season play an important role in choosing material and style. A lightweight chiffon dress is ideal for a summer beach wedding, while a heavier satin dress may be suitable for an elegant winter wedding. Consider your personal style: Consider what personal style you prefer to wear in everyday life. If you normally dress simple and minimalistic, simple wedding dresses may be the right choice. Try on different styles: The best way to find out which style suits you is to try on different wedding dresses. Make appointments at bridal shops and bring friends or family with you to get feedback. Be open to different styles, even ones that you didn't initially think might suit you. Consider your comfort zone: Remember that you should feel comfortable on your wedding day. Your wedding dress should reflect your personality and style and make you feel confident and beautiful. The most important thing is to take your time and explore different options to find the ideal wedding dress for you.
      noni is a company known for its simple and elegant wedding dresses. Buying a simple wedding dress from noni offers several advantages: Elegant and timeless design: noni is known for its simple and timeless [wedding dresses]( The dresses feature clean lines, simple cuts and a minimalist aesthetic that is timeless and never goes out of style. This means that your wedding dress will still be current and elegant for years to come. High-quality craftsmanship: At noni we attach great importance to high-quality craftsmanship and use first-class materials. The wedding dresses are carefully crafted by professional tailors to ensure high quality and fit. Sustainability: noni values sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. The wedding dresses are made in Germany and Europe to minimize environmental impact and eco-friendly materials are used wherever possible. Diverse Styles: Although noni Bridal is known for its simple wedding dresses, we offer a variety of styles and silhouettes to suit brides' varying preferences. You can choose between different necklines, skirt lengths and details. Matching accessories: In addition to wedding dresses, noni also offers you a selection of matching [bridal accessories]( such as veils, belts, jewelry and more to perfect your outfit. Personal service: We offer you a personal and dedicated service to help you choose your wedding dress. You can make [appointments in the noni showroom]( or get [advice online]( to find the perfect dress. Choosing a simple wedding dress from noni offers you the certainty that you will receive a high-quality, timeless and elegantly designed dress that perfectly suits your style. noni places great emphasis on individuality and sustainability, making it a popular choice for brides looking for a simple and elegant wedding dress.

      Mature bride wedding dresses

      When we are able to accompany an over-50 bride on her way to the perfect outfit, it is always something very special. Regardless of whether the bride is getting married again, has waited longer for “Mr. or Mrs. Right” or wants to renew her marriage vows after a few years: getting married never becomes routine. With knowledge and experience, more mature brides may even place more importance on the wedding and know exactly what they want and what suits them - and what doesn't.

      In a short article we will introduce you to the style options and wedding dresses we offer you at noni as a best ager bride.

      Styling ideas for older brides over 50

      The choice of wedding dress for a bride over 50 depends on her personal preferences, style and figure. There are no hard and fast rules, but here are some tips and ideas for brides over 50:

      Classic elegance: A classic, timeless wedding dress is always a good choice. A simple, tailored dress with an elegant silhouette, like an A-line dress or a sheath dress, can be beautiful.

      Colored Dresses: A bride over 50 may choose a wedding dress in a color other than white or ivory. Pastel colors, champagne or blush can be a beautiful choice.

      Knee-Length or Midi Dresses: Short wedding dresses that fall to the knee or mid-calf are a great option for brides who prefer a casual or informal look. This can be particularly good for outdoor, beach and registry office weddings.

      Sleeves and Neckline: Some brides over 50 prefer dresses with sleeves or a higher neckline for added coverage and comfort. Long sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, or lace overlays can be elegant and flattering.

      Suit or pantsuit: A smart pantsuit or jumpsuit can be a bold and modern choice.

      Accessories: The right bridal accessories can round off a wedding dress in style. Think jewelry, veils, hair accessories and shoes to complement your look.

      Comfort: Regardless of your choice of dress, comfort is key. Make sure the dress fits well and you feel comfortable in it as you will be spending the whole day in it.

      Self-confidence: The most important thing is to feel completely comfortable and confident in your wedding dress. Choose a dress that reflects your personality and style and makes you feel radiant and happy.

      Ultimately, a bride over 50 should choose a wedding dress that suits her and reflects her personality, style and preferences. There are no age restrictions or limitations when it comes to wedding fashion, and the bride should feel happy and confident in her dress.

      What do I wear when I get married for the second time?

      The choice of wedding dress for a bride getting married for the second time depends on various factors, including personal style, the type of wedding and the bride's individual preferences.

      A bride getting married for the second time can still choose a traditional wedding dress. An elegant, timeless dress in white or ivory is a classic choice.

      If the bride prefers something other than white or ivory, she can choose a colored wedding dress. At noni you have a selection of delicate pastel shades, elegant gray as well as blush and pink nuances at your disposal.

      Two-piece outfits: A trendy two-piece outfit with a lace top and skirt can be a modern and versatile option. This allows you to often wear the skirt and top separately after the wedding and create different looks.

      Simple wedding dresses for mature brides

      Many mature brides often opt for simple, clean chic wedding dresses. This is characterized by puristic cuts and elegant, timeless materials such as chiffon or silk. Minimalist bridal tops, skirts and dresses not only look very feminine, but also uncomplicated and sublime.

      They are anything but boring: at noni you can choose from a variety of simple combination pieces and - depending on your preference - refine your look with accessories. Special jewelry or a special belt, but also subtly patterned skirts provide small, sophisticated eye-catchers.

      noni wedding dresses for older brides

      Our bridal fashion is ideal for brides over 50, because most of the dresses, tops and bridal bodies have straps, are not cut too low and the slightly stiffer material does not stand out.

      All noni collections contain numerous wedding dresses with lace. Contrary to the prejudice that boho lace is only suitable for younger brides, our lace tops prove the opposite on a more mature model: thanks to timeless designs, classic bateau necklines, flattering V-necks and sleeves in different lengths, our tops are also popular with mature customers , absolutely fashionable and great to wear even after your 20s, 30s or 40s. Combined with flowing skirts, the result is a feminine silhouette that is fresh and modern.

      If you like, you can choose a colored skirt in either knee-length, midi or floor length to go with the ivory top. Add stylish accessories: a modern hat, subtle, pretty hair accessories or a flattering waist belt with a wrap look and special bridal shoes.

      Botanical lace for a romantic touch

      In addition to the hippie lace made of geometric and floral elements, the botanical lace is one of the most popular patterns among our noni brides.
      Here too you can choose between swinging flounces in different lengths, V-necks on the décolleté or back or a long-sleeved top.

      The semi-transparent material is particularly effective when you let a little sun-kissed skin shine through, but even as a bride over 50, you don't need to reveal any unwanted looks: simple underwear tops, corsets or bodies are practical and comfortable aids.

      Here too, you decide how you prefer to combine the leaf lace: with a colored soft tulle skirt in delicate rose, elegant light gray or tone on tone in ivory.

      Casual elegant bridal sweaters

      No longer an insider tip: bridal sweaters. Not only are they a casual, elegant alternative to lace tops or one-piece wedding dresses, but they are also particularly sustainable because you can wear them often after the wedding and integrate them into your everyday wardrobe.

      Choose from our large selection: from typical wedding white to romantic rosé to grey, silver or gold. With a bateau neckline or a sensual back cutout, there is something for every taste. And if you're still hesitant: as a brave bride over 50, you shouldn't be afraid of a back neckline. With an elegant back chain you can add glamorous accents and create a confident look.

      Flat bridal shoes

      It doesn't always have to be a classic bridal outfit with pumps, silk stole and costume: a wedding at the registry office in particular lends itself to a relaxed yet elegant look. Midi skirts, i.e. skirts with a flattering, feminine calf length, really suit every bride of every age.

      You can wear a sparkling sequin top with a registry office skirt made of chiffon, crepe or tulle and surprise everyone with stylish, original bridal sneakers. Another plus point for flat bridal shoes: they are absolutely comfortable and a great eye-catcher.

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