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      Discover the classic wedding dress fabric: whether in classic ivory or in delicate pastel tones: wedding dresses made of tulle are always feminine, elegant and provide a touch of romance.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Yes, we offer a wide range of clothing that is ideal for a civil wedding. From midi skirts made of high-quality materials such as chiffon or crepe to sparkling sequin tops, elegant bridal trousers and decorated lace tops, you will find a large range of modern [registry office outfits](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/collections/brautkleider-fuer-das-standesamt) as well as the matching accessories and bridal shoes.
      Choosing the right style and material for a wedding dress depends on various factors, primarily your personal preferences, your body shape, the wedding location and the time of year. Here are some steps that can help you figure out which style and material suits you best: Research online and in bridal magazines: Start by doing online research and looking at bridal magazines. Collect pictures of wedding dresses you like and create a collage or mood board to get closer to your style preferences. Consider your body shape: Think about what cuts and silhouettes best suit your body shape. For example, an A-line dress can emphasize the waist and skim the hip area, while a mermaid dress can highlight the curves. Consider the wedding venue and season: The wedding venue and season play an important role in choosing material and style. A lightweight chiffon dress is ideal for a summer beach wedding, while a heavier satin dress may be suitable for an elegant winter wedding. Consider your personal style: Consider what personal style you prefer to wear in everyday life. If you normally dress simple and minimalistic, simple wedding dresses may be the right choice. Try on different styles: The best way to find out which style suits you is to try on different wedding dresses. Make appointments at bridal shops and bring friends or family with you to get feedback. Be open to different styles, even ones that you didn't initially think might suit you. Consider your comfort zone: Remember that you should feel comfortable on your wedding day. Your wedding dress should reflect your personality and style and make you feel confident and beautiful. The most important thing is to take your time and explore different options to find the ideal wedding dress for you.
      Pre-wedding storage of the bridal gown is particularly important to keep it in top condition for the big day. Avoid storing in places with extreme heat, humidity, or direct sunlight, as these can damage the material of the dress. Store your dress in a breathable garment bag or box to protect it from dust and light, and hang it in a safe and high place if possible. After the wedding, your gown also deserves careful attention to protect it from the elements. First, you should have it professionally cleaned to remove stains and dirt. Then store it in an acid-free garment bag in a cool, dark, and dry place. Again, also avoid places with high humidity or direct sunlight. For the professional cleaning of your wedding dress, we at noni only recommend the services of [Spezialreinigung Herbrand](https://spezialreinigung-herbrand.de/).
      As a rule, you should start looking for the wedding dress about 6 to 9 months before the wedding date. This gives you plenty of time to try different styles, find the perfect dress and make any necessary changes. For a noni showroom visit, we recommend a lead time of currently 3 months to the wedding date. But even with less lead time, we can serve short-term brides after consultation with our workshop.
      Wedding dress prices can vary greatly depending on the brand, design and material. The average price for a wedding dress in Germany is between 1,000 and 3,000 euros. Our bridal tops and bodies cost between 159 and 599€, noni bridal skirts and wedding dresses cost between 349 and 1300€. If you have a smaller budget for your wedding dress, you can still find what you are looking for with us: our selection of outfits in the noni bridal fashion outlet in Cologne, in the online outlet and in the online sale is large and is constantly being expanded. There you will find bridal tops from 60€ and skirts from 199€ - we also always offer you regular discount campaigns in the online shop or in the showroom.
      In addition to your body type, your personal taste is of course the most important thing! After all, on your big day, you - along with your better half - are the main person and should wear your wedding dress with pride and self-confidence. For brides with larger sizes, an elegant two-piece is perfect in addition to a classic wedding dress. The separation at the waist visually lengthens the legs and creates a feminine silhouette. This also gives you the opportunity to put together your wedding dress individually according to your personal wishes and preferences. We at noni are happy to help you find your dream dress. Book an appointment in our [showroom in Cologne](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/pages/deine-personliche-brautkleid-beratung) or our virtual [video consultation](https://noni.as.me/?appointmentType=13564054).

      Tulle wedding dresses – A feminine classic

      Wedding dresses with tulle are an integral part of bridal fashion. The airy, light material can be wonderfully puffed up to form voluminous skirts that exude a very special magic. The fine-meshed, transparent fabric is particularly popular with brides who have dreamed of a fairytale princess dress for their wedding since they were little girls.

      A bridal skirt made of flowing soft tulle makes movements appear particularly graceful, and it also impresses with its feminine look. We love the delicate, soft fabric that can look both extravagant and simple, depending on the cuts and materials combined. With our modern concept of designing two-piece wedding dresses for you, you can create both romantic, playful and purist, modern styles with the same skirt model.

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      Bodenlanger Softtüllrock in Ivory, Aisling noni

      Tulle – a special fabric

      Tulle is a net-like fabric that is both slightly transparent and durable due to its nature. A general distinction is made between fine and coarse tulle as well as smooth and patterned tulle. Depending on the threads used in production, it can be loose and light or have a high level of stiffness. Particularly strong material is suitable for producing ballerina-style tutu skirts and petticoats with a retro flair.

      The fabric is made from, among other things, polyester, but also cotton, nylon and silk. Many tulle skirts from our own production are traditionally made in Calais on machines that are over 100 years old. Since sustainability is very important to us, we use recycled material as an alternative whenever possible.

      Fine-meshed soft tulle is preferably used for the design of our noni wedding dresses. Soft tulle is not bulky and falls particularly dynamically for an advantageous silhouette.

      A great tulle variant for an effective look is the combination of the fine material with decorative elements made of lace. In addition to our simple classics, you will find some elaborately decorated bridal skirts made of tulle in our range.

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      Brautkleider mit Ärmeln

      What you need to consider when buying your tulle wedding dress

      When purchasing a wedding dress with tulle, there are a few important things to consider to ensure you find the perfect dress for you:

      Fit: Make sure the dress fits well and flatters your figure. Tulle can tend to appear bulky, so it's important to choose a fit that works with your body type.

      Style of the dress: Think about what style you want in advance. Tulle can be used in different styles and silhouettes, so choose what best suits your taste and figure.

      Colour: Most wedding dresses traditionally come in white or ivory, but tulle can be dyed a variety of colours. Consider whether you want a traditional or colourful wedding dress.

      Length: Decide whether you want a short, knee-length dress or a long, floor-length dress. Tulle lends itself well to different lengths and layers, so think about what will work best for your wedding day. Short to calf-length wedding dresses are particularly popular for the registry office.

      Details and Embellishments: Tulle can have various details and embellishments such as lace, beads, sequins, etc.

      Comfort: Make sure you feel comfortable in the dress and can move freely. Sometimes tulle can be scratchy or uncomfortable, so try out different options to find the most comfortable dress for you. Some wedding dresses are relatively heavy due to several layers of tulle, which can also have a negative impact on the wearing comfort on a long wedding day.

      Budget: Set a budget for your wedding dress and stick to it. Tulle dresses come in a variety of price ranges, so find a dress that's within your budget.

      Adjustments and Alterations: Keep in mind that you may need to have adjustments or alterations made to the dress to make it a perfect fit. So plan enough time and extra budget for such adjustments.

      By considering these points, you can ensure that you find the perfect tulle wedding dress for your big day.

      Langärmeliges Braut Top aus spanischer Bogenspitze, Lukida noni mit langem Tüllrock Halina
      noni Brautmoden Kollektion 2024, ärmelloses Spitzentop Jala mit langem Yani-Tüllrock

      Different hem lengths for tulle dresses

      Depending on the setting of the upcoming wedding, there are wedding dress or skirt models that are particularly suitable for a festive ceremony or for a civil wedding.

      Wedding dresses with tulle are generally an eye-catcher due to their unusual material properties, no matter what skirt length you choose. But of course a floor-length, wide-swinging dress will help you make a particularly dramatic appearance, whereas a calf-length model is guaranteed to always go with a look at the registry office.

      In general, you can choose between short tulle skirts and lots of volume for a modern, trendy wedding style, calf-length models for a particularly feminine look, or floor-length wedding dresses made of soft, flowing soft tulle.

      The advantage of a midi-length wedding dress is obvious - with a short wedding dress, your glamorous wedding shoes come into their own and you are gifted with a particularly elegant look.

      Kurze Brautkleider
      Elfenbeinfarbener Maxi-Tüllrock mit Blush-Effekt, Halina noni
      Langes rückenfreies Trägerkleid mit Hippie-Spitze, Dawn noni

      Tulle dresses: the most popular colours

      Tulle is available in a variety of shades. Whether you prefer traditional white, soft ivory or even a bolder color, make sure you choose a color that flatters you and that you like.

      Coloured skirts are always a modern and fresh alternative to traditional white wedding dresses. In addition to wedding dresses in ivory, at noni you will find a large selection of coloured skirts in various shades of blush, pink and rosé, light blue models and elegant gray. In some models, the contrasting colour only shimmers subtly through the fine mesh fabric. Coloured lining can also provide a very special effect and give your two-piece suit a touch of spring. A coloured tulle skirt can be easily combined with an ivory top and of course goes great with a colourful bridal bouquet.

      Flache Brautschuhe

      Tulle bridal separates

      Two-piece wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular in bridal fashion. At noni you put your dress together yourself. Combine the tulle skirt of your choice with boho lace tops or simple tops as you wish. This modern, variable mix & match concept not only offers much greater freedom of movement than classic wedding dresses, but is also particularly sustainable.

      Your bridal top can be easily combined with jeans even after the wedding and you can easily shorten the skirt to a length suitable for everyday use.

      “Mix & Match” offers you the opportunity for a completely individual look that you can put together according to your own ideas. A concept that differs from most providers in the industry and offers you as a future bride a huge potential for participation. To prevent you from being overwhelmed when making your selection, our experienced consultants will be happy to support you in a personal appointment in the showroom or online.

      Bodenlanger Softtüllrock in Ivory, Aisling noni
      Kurzarm-Jäckchen aus Boho Spitze in Ivory, Calista noni zu Midi-Brautkleid
      noni Brautmoden Kollektion 2024, Pina Trägertop mit Yani-Tüllrock

      Of course, we have a few one-piece wedding dresses in our bridal fashion collections every year. The popular mesh fabric is always reliably used in the design of our dresses. The delicate, fairytale-like soft tulle is a guarantee for wet eyes at the altar and ensures an effective appearance in any case.

      An attached tulle skirt in an A-line not only impresses our boho brides, but can also be wonderfully combined with simple fabrics.

      Embellished tulle wedding dresses

      For a special eye-catcher, tulle can also be decorated with fine lace or appliqués and thus look particularly exciting. In our wedding dress collections you will find many beautiful wedding dresses with original tulle lace. Whether botanical patterns, embroidered flowers, beads, sequins or dots – our designs are modern, detailed and slightly playful.

      They are suitable for all brides who are looking for that certain something and love an individual look. The decorated skirts look best with a simple top. But combinations consisting of a nonchalant bridal cape made of transparent tulle, a tulle top or - very trendy - multi-tiered skirts, styled with clean counterparts, are also very popular.

      Luftiges Braut Top mit Perlen, Rubia noni

      The best tulle bridal accessories

      Bridal veil: A veil is a classic accessory for weddings and can harmonize wonderfully with lace dresses. The length and style of the veil can vary depending on the wedding dress and your personal wedding vision. Veils made of soft tulle are most beautiful.

      Gloves: Tulle gloves and arm warmers are elegant and timeless for a feminine look.

      Capes: Bridal capes in different styles and lengths or loops are practical and decorative alternatives.

      Braut Cape mit langer Schleppe, Oriana noni
      Bodenlanger Tüllrock in Ivory, Aisling noni
      noni Brautmoden Kollektion 2024, gepunkteter Tüll-Loop zu zweiteiligem Brautkleid
      Bandeau Braut Top mit 3d-Blättern Hanya
      Braut Cape aus Softtüll mit herabfallendem Rücken, Niamh noni

      nonibrides and their tulle wedding dresses

      Find inspiration from real brides: we present you a small selection of tulle dresses from our noni brides:

      Detailaufnahme Brautkleid-Anprobe

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