Wedding dresses: styles & designs

Looking for a wedding dress is an exciting affair! In everyday life you probably rarely deal with dresses and the different styles and cuts, but don't worry: you don't have to try your way through hundreds of possible dresses to find out which cut is suitable for your figure and which is not , we have summarized some styles and shapes of current bridal fashion for you here and provided them with examples from our wedding dress collections.

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Back neckline wedding dresses

Backless is one of the big topics in bridal fashion in recent years. From a small back neckline or “cut-out” to “backless up to the bottom”, everything is represented in current (bridal) fashion. Backless wedding dresses look particularly elegant in combination with a boat neckline at the front and long lace sleeves.

It is important to note that many backless dresses are only suitable for small busts because supporting bras often cannot be worn underneath. But there are also some tricks for wedding dresses with a low back, such as a bra extender, nipple covers or self-adhesive bras for backless dresses.

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Sleeve wedding dresses

Nicht alle Bräute fühlen sich wohl, wenn sie viel Haut zeigen. Vor allem die Oberarme gelten bei vielen Frauen oft als Problemzone, aber das muss nicht sein: in all unseren Brautmoden Kollektionen finden sich immer wieder auch Kleider mit Ärmeln in verschiedenen Längen, Designs und aus verschiedenen Materialien. Bei noni findest Du vom luftig-leichten Flügelärmel über 3/4 Arm bis zum langen Arm alles was das Braut Herz begehrt.

Ganz besonders festlich sind Ärmel zum U-Boot Ausschnitt. Aber ganz egal, welchen Stil Dein Kleid hat, mit Ärmeln wirkt es immer ganz besonders chic und verleiht seiner Trägerin schlichte Eleganz. Bei großen Größen kann ein Ärmel zudem unliebsame Stellen geschickt zu kaschieren und tragen so einen großen Teil zum Wohlfühlfaktor bei. Wenn Du Dich für ein Brautkleid in großen Größen interessierst, haben wir hier alle wichtigen Informationen für Dich zusammen gefasst. Bei einer Winterhochzeit können Ärmel am Kleid zudem auch wärmen.

Langarm-Braut Top aus Blätterspitze – Norine noni Curvy
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Lace wedding dresses

In addition to very simple, clean chic dresses, models with lace are still in demand. While in recent years fine lace with floral patterns has been very popular, you can now also see modern, geometric lace, coarse patterns and crochet lace in the 60s or 70s style as well as modern lace in the botanical greenery style. Current bridal fashion includes both dresses with lace and puristic wedding dresses that are combined with modern lace patterns. In our online shop you will find a large selection of wedding dresses with lace.

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Tulle skirt wedding dresses

Wedding dresses made of tulle are still popular: on the one hand, many brides-to-be love the normal tulle skirt, which conjures up a beautifully modern princess look with its volume, and on the other hand, the version made of finer soft tulle. This finer-meshed tulle falls fluidly and forms a narrow silhouette due to its texture. A warm wool sweater with a tulle wedding dress is ideal for a winter wedding, so you have your own individual style and don't have to freeze at your wedding.

Bridal tulle skirts are available in short, midi and maxi, depending on your taste and type of wedding celebration. If you like it particularly romantic and playful, you can choose tulle models with floral patterns or appliqués.

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A-line wedding dresses

Most dresses are available in the classic A-shape, because it is the dress shape that flatters most figures. Thanks to the slightly flared skirt shape, the A-line wedding dress flatters the stomach, legs and hips and specifically emphasizes the waist and décolleté.

This cut is suitable for all body types and makes every bride shine on her wedding day. An A-line wedding dress can be made in many different materials. The A-shape also cuts a good figure with a short dress.

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Two-piece wedding dresses

For a long time, two-piece wedding dresses were frowned upon. One immediately thought of the individual corsage with a separate skirt, ideally with lacing and red piping. Two-piece suits have been experiencing a great revival for some time now because they offer you lots of styling options. All noni collections contain many tops and bodies that you can combine with skirts and trousers.

There are no limits to your imagination and the joy of combinations: the brave can choose short crop tops made of lace or light silk and create great contrasts with a floor-length skirt, for example. The new two-piece wedding dress sets are light and modern, versatile and can be combined to suit almost every figure. As already mentioned, two-piece suits no longer only consist of a top and skirt - bridal trousers are also becoming increasingly popular and give you a very special look. Particularly suitable for modern brides who are looking for an original outfit.

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Boho wedding dresses

Like the hippie style, boho wedding dresses also fall under the umbrella term vintage. The boundaries between these styles are fluid in current fashion. Typical for boho style wedding dresses is a play with transparency and opacity as well as eye-catching patterns. So-called cut-outs, backless dresses and flowing fabrics are also important components of the Bohemian style. On the day of the wedding, the wedding dress can be worn with a fashionable jacket, because breaks in style are absolutely desirable with the bohemian look. Weddings often take place in converted barns, decorated with bare wooden tables and chairs, plus fine vases and cutlery.

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Coloured wedding dresses

People no longer only get married in white; coloured wedding dresses are now also a common and popular option for open-minded brides. Nude, pink and blush give the look a romantic touch. Alternatively, brides who love things modern and cool can choose elegant gray. For a contrasting combination, coloured skirts can be styled with an ivory top.

Embellished wedding dresses

Embellished wedding dresses with pearls and sequins are an absolute eye-catcher and help you achieve a glamorous appearance. Regardless of whether they are applied to the top or the skirt, they give you that certain something and immediately create an extravagant and playful flair.

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Short hem wedding dresses from mini to midi

Short wedding dresses for the wedding? Yes I do! Models in A or Empire lines are ideal for a registry office dress. You are in no way overdressed and still clearly recognizable as a bride. A knee-length A-line wedding dress is also suitable for women who otherwise feel comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt and don't want to feel dressed up on their wedding day. A short wedding dress with a slightly flared skirt is ideal for a summer wedding or a wedding ceremony in the countryside. Swinging skirts are light, airy and wonderfully emphasize the mood of a carefree summer wedding.

Calf-length wedding dresses are particularly popular. Depending on your height, the midi length looks extremely chic without being restrictive, as all the advantages of a short wedding dress are retained. In so-called “tealength”, also known as midi length, these wedding dresses look timeless, feminine and elegant. They are suitable for most body types.

Another argument for short wedding dresses: they reveal your beautiful bridal shoes!

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Kurze Brautkleider
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Train wedding dresses

A wedding dress with a train is simply wonderfully elegant without being too pompous. Wedding dresses with trains make the bride's legs appear longer and also ensure a dramatic appearance, for example in church. As an alternative to a long skirt with a train, bridal capes or veils in different lengths are also available. However, there is something to keep in mind: depending on the length of the train, you may need help from your bridesmaids!

Shoulderless wedding dresses

A strapless wedding dress looks particularly elegant and highlights the bride's shoulders. And don't worry: if the wedding dress is fitted correctly, even a strapless cut won't slip and the bride doesn't have to constantly "fiddle" with her dress.

Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are available in a wide variety of styles and cuts, with emphasis under the bust or at the waist, simple or playful - depending on your preference. We have summarized the other neckline shapes available in current wedding dress fashion here in a separate article for you.

Brand new: lace tops for an off-the-shoulder wedding dress. As a bride, you can wear your dress in two completely different styles, for example covering your shoulders in church or during the formal wedding ceremony and taking it off for the later, more exuberant part of the evening.

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Bridal trousers & jumpsuits for your wedding

If you don't want to get married in a skirt or dress, a combination of bridal pants and top is a nice solution. Our range also includes casual and elegant jumpsuits. These chic one-piece suits are in no way inferior to our wedding dresses and prove that you can also cut a good figure in unconventional and modern trouser legs!

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