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      You dream of a noni wedding dress, but a visit to our showroom in Cologne is too far for you? No problem, you can buy your wedding dress online.

      In our online shop for wedding fashion you will find gorgeous dresses and bridal separates for your big day.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      As a rule, you should start looking for the wedding dress about 6 to 9 months before the wedding date. This gives you plenty of time to try different styles, find the perfect dress and make any necessary changes. For a noni showroom visit, we recommend a lead time of currently 3 months to the wedding date. But even with less lead time, we can serve short-term brides after consultation with our workshop.
      Wedding dress prices can vary greatly depending on the brand, design and material. The average price for a wedding dress in Germany is between 1,000 and 3,000 euros. Our bridal tops and bodies cost between 159 and 599€, noni bridal skirts and wedding dresses cost between 349 and 1300€. If you have a smaller budget for your wedding dress, you can still find what you are looking for with us: our selection of outfits in the noni bridal fashion outlet in Cologne, in the online outlet and in the online sale is large and is constantly being expanded. There you will find bridal tops from 60€ and skirts from 199€ - we also always offer you regular discount campaigns in the online shop or in the showroom.
      Traditionally, the wedding dress is paid for by the bride's family or by the bride herself. However, this is often more flexible these days, and there are various ways in which the cost of the wedding dress can be covered: The bride pays for her own dress: Many brides choose to pay for their own wedding dress, especially if they are financially independent or want to cover some of the wedding costs themselves. The Bride's Family: In some cultures and traditions, it is still common for the bride's family to finance the wedding dress. This can be seen as a sign of support and appreciation for the bride. The groom's family: It is also possible that the groom's family pays for the wedding dress. This may vary depending on the family's financial circumstances and traditions. Contribution from both families: In many cases, both families share the cost of the wedding, including the wedding dress. This can be viewed as a shared investment in the wedding. Wedding budget: Another approach is for the wedding dress to be financed from the overall wedding budget. In this case, the bride and groom decide together how much they want to spend on the dress. Gift from Relatives or Friends: Sometimes brides receive the wedding dress as a gift from relatives or close friends. This can be a loving gesture to support the bride. Vouchers that can be used to finance the wedding dress are also popular. So there are no hard and fast rules as to who should pay for the wedding dress. It depends on the individual circumstances, cultural traditions and preferences of the people involved. The most important thing is that the decision to finance the wedding dress is made in accordance with the expectations and preferences of everyone involved. Most brides these days pay for their wedding dress themselves. A charming and popular way of co-financing the wedding dress is, for example, gift vouchers from the bridal fashion store where the bride buys her outfit. At noni you will find vouchers in postcard format or in digital form worth between €15 and €250.
      If you are unable to visit us for a [personal wedding dress consultation]( and subsequent fitting in the noni showroom in Cologne because you live further away or do not have enough lead time because you are getting married spontaneously, we recommend that you order your [wedding dress online]( in our shop. All noni outfits are well suited to buying a wedding dress online because, due to their fit and measurements, only small adjustments are usually necessary, which you can have carried out by a good tailor you trust in your area. Our two-piece suits are also very flexible in their fit and can easily be ordered online.
      Just like shopping in a real [bridal fashion store on site](, you should be able to try on and compare as much as you like. If you order several pieces to make a selection, it may be the case that not all variants are immediately available and that we have to commission our workshop to make a size or a specific model for you, which may lead to a longer delivery time. The delivery times are displayed in the online store and in the order process. As a rule, we ship only when your order is complete and all items are ready for shipment.
      Buying a wedding dress online is not uncommon nowadays, but of course it is still different from everyday online shopping, after all it is about your big day. Does everything fit well, or do I still need to get professional advice? If you are unsure whether your dress is really the right one for the big day, you can rely on us: From now on we offer you our free of charge video consultation. During this appointment, which we conduct via video chat with you, we take a look with you at how your outfit fits and advise you with a trained eye. To book your free virtual appointment click [here](
      Pre-wedding storage of the bridal gown is particularly important to keep it in top condition for the big day. Avoid storing in places with extreme heat, humidity, or direct sunlight, as these can damage the material of the dress. Store your dress in a breathable garment bag or box to protect it from dust and light, and hang it in a safe and high place if possible. After the wedding, your gown also deserves careful attention to protect it from the elements. First, you should have it professionally cleaned to remove stains and dirt. Then store it in an acid-free garment bag in a cool, dark, and dry place. Again, also avoid places with high humidity or direct sunlight. For the professional cleaning of your wedding dress, we at noni only recommend the services of [Spezialreinigung Herbrand](
      The number of wedding dresses you are allowed to try on at a bridal store can vary from store to store. However, most bridal stores typically don't have a set limit on the number of dresses you can try on. The stores' goal is to help you choose your dream dress, and they understand that this takes time and patience. Here are some general tips that can help you make the fitting session efficient: Make an Appointment: Most bridal stores recommend making an appointment in advance. This allows the business to prepare for your needs and ensure a trained and compassionate advisor is available to you. Set a budget: Before you start trying on your wedding dress, you should set a budget for your wedding dress. This will help you narrow down your selection to dresses that are within your price range. Prepare: Think about what styles and silhouettes you like in advance so you can give the consultant clear advice. You can also bring pictures of wedding dresses you like to illustrate your preferences. Surf the internet in advance and take a look around the noni online shop, for example, to discover our large selection of wedding dresses. It's also worth taking a look at our noni brides: there you'll find our customers in their personal favorite outfits and get an impression of what our wedding dresses look like on real brides. Be open to suggestions: While you may have specific ideas for your wedding dress, remain open to suggestions from your bridal fashion consultant. They are experts and can show you looks that you may not have considered but that suit you perfectly. Allow enough time: Trying on wedding dresses can take some time, especially if you want to try out many different options. Allow enough time to complete the process calmly. A consultation in the noni showroom usually lasts 90 minutes. Take companions with you: You can bring family members or friends with you to the fitting to get feedback and support. However, keep in mind that too many opinions can be confusing. Limit the number of companions to make your decision easier. Our many years of experience have shown that around 2-3 accompanying people are ideal. The most important thing is to be patient and open to different possibilities. Trying on wedding dresses should be an exciting and emotional experience and you should feel comfortable in your dream dress and not feel like you are dressed up.

      Buy wedding dresses online – tips & tricks

      It was completely unthinkable just a few years ago, but more and more brides are now choosing to buy their wedding dress online.

      Modern, two-piece wedding dresses, loose cuts and flowing fabrics are very flexible these days and rarely require adjustments. If you want to buy your wedding dress online but can't really decide yet, a few points can help you make the right decision. Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a challenge. But with a little knowledge and self-confidence, this task becomes an exciting adventure during which you will discover your wedding dress.

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      Discover our selection of wedding dresses online

      In our bridal fashion online shop you will find modern, two-piece wedding dresses with a skirt and top or sweater, which you can put together individually according to the popular mix and match principle. There are also registry office dresses, short wedding dresses and much more - from trendy boho wedding dresses to simple wedding dresses or romantic and playful dresses, there is sure to be the right dress for every bride.
      We offer you a large selection of skirts made of tulle, chiffon, viscose crepe or jacquard in short, calf and floor length, overskirts and enchanting bridal tops that can be combined with each other according to your personal taste.

      Langarm-Braut Top aus Blätterspitze – Norine
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      Brautkleider online kaufen
      Brautkleider online kaufen
      Coloured wedding dresses at noni

      If you are looking for a wedding dress in classic white or ivory, you will find it with us just as much as if you want a look in trendy blush, elegant gray or delicate pastel tones.

      All noni wedding dresses are “ready-to-wear”, which means that they are ideal for buying wedding dresses online.

      Order your wedding dress online in advance

      Many people order their noni wedding dress in advance in the shop to see whether it looks as beautiful “in person” as it does online and then arrange a wedding dress consultation appointment in our showroom in Cologne. So you can be sure that the long journey to us is worth it.

      You will also find a large and stylish selection of bridal shoes, hair accessories, bridal accessories and lingerie online, which you can just as easily order to try on at home.

      Brautkleider online kaufen
      Brautkleider online kaufen

      Which wedding dress suits me best?

      Basically, it's helpful to first pay attention to your everyday clothing style: Do you prefer to wear a neckline or a high neck? Do you feel comfortable in strapless tops, or do you like sleeves on the dress? Are you more of a romantic, classic or modern type? Or maybe the vintage type?

      Your dress should reflect your personal style and you should see yourself in it. If you usually wear dresses with a certain silhouette or color, these features can also be showcased in your wedding dress. All of this information will help you feel completely comfortable in your dress and not dressed up.

      Brautkleider online kaufen
      Brautkleider online kaufen

      Different body types for different silhouettes

      Knowing your body type is the first step to finding the ideal wedding dress. Because not every silhouette suits every figure and you most likely want to find a wedding outfit that emphasizes your advantages and conceals any problem areas.
      There are different body types, and for each of them there are certain silhouettes that are particularly advantageous. For example, A-line dresses flatter most figures, while mermaid dresses are ideal for hourglass figures. Empire dresses can be advantageous for apple and pear figures. It is important that you feel comfortable in your dress and that it shows off your body in the best way.

      Langarm-Braut Top aus Blätterspitze – Norine noni Curvy mit rosa Tüllrock India
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      Brautkleider online kaufen

      How do I find the right size for my wedding dress?

      Our current selection of wedding dresses includes many tops that are loosely cut or made of particularly elastic lace - there is a particularly good chance that the top will fit you straight away.
      Two-piece wedding dresses with flowing fabrics typically require little or no adjustment. If you need simple changes in length or fit, you can have your wedding dress adjusted to your measurements by a trusted tailor. Of course, you can also just buy a skirt, bodysuit or bridal sweater online and thus complete or embellish an existing outfit.

      Brautkleider online kaufen
      Brautkleider online kaufen

      In a short and simple video tutorial, we'll show you how to easily measure yourself to get a little closer to your dream dress:

      Before completing your order, it is always helpful to take a look at our size chart. Here you will find valuable tips on how to correctly determine your own measurements. In addition, we have provided the dimensions of each item for each of our bridal tops and skirts in the online shop for your reference.

      If you are short, it is very likely that the skirt is too long for you. All of our bridal skirts are deliberately made a little longer so that they can also be worn by tall brides. As a rule, the noni bride skirts are 64 cm (short) - 80 or 90 cm (midi, calf-length) and 115 cm (floor-length) long. You can find more detailed information under your desired item in the shop.

      Please note that the optimal skirt length also depends on which bridal shoes you want to wear with the dress. Ideally, you will already have your dream shoes or a similar high shoe ready to try on. If the length is not yet ideal for you, you can have your skirt shortened by a tailor you trust.

      The fit of your wedding dress is also influenced by the underwear you wear. Here, too, you should pay attention to whether you are trying on the items you ordered with special shapewear, push-up bras or similar or whether you will ultimately wear them to the wedding.

      How can I pay my wedding dress online?

      Payment for your wedding dress is made in the noni online shop via PayPal, Amazon Pay or credit card. Please understand that we do not offer cash on delivery purchases - even if you order several items and wedding dresses to try on at home and it is already clear that you will be sending a large number of them back.

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      Can I return a wedding dress purchased online?

      You can order your wedding dress from noni with a right of return: With us you can return a dress you bought online within 14 days of receipt and make a cancellation. You can find more information about the right of return, cancellation and credit in the FAQ of our web shop.

      Brautkleider online kaufen
      Brautkleider online kaufen
      Brautkleider online kaufen
      Trying on your wedding dress at home

      Before you try on your wedding dress at home, note: since you don't have a professional advisor at your side, you should get help from a friend, your maid of honor, your mother or another person you trust. It's best to put the wedding dress on from above (i.e. over your head) to avoid getting dirty. If you pull the dress from underneath to slip into it, always make sure that you put on your shoes afterwards and carefully open and close the zipper on the skirt or dress with sensitivity - tulle in particular tends to quickly get caught in the zipper , which can cause damage to the fabric.

      Please try on your wedding dress without makeup or wear a protective cap to avoid makeup stains. On the day of the wedding, you can protect your hair and makeup with a cap or place a light silk scarf over your head to avoid unsightly stains on your dress or smudged makeup on your face.

      How do I know whether an online bridal fashion shop is reputable?

      Ordering wedding dresses online has largely fallen into disrepute because of counterfeit sites on the Internet, especially from Southeast Asia. It is therefore important to pay attention to where your wedding dress comes from. There are countless dubious websites that advertise with other people's photos and copy clothes. At first glance, it is difficult to recognize these fake sites because they are now very well made and look deceptively real.
      In most cases, the quality of such “fake” online wedding dresses is anything but high, and you wouldn’t want any bride to have to get married in an inferior dress.

      At noni we have also been affected by product piracy and copyright infringements and would like to clearly appeal to your conscience not to buy counterfeit wedding dresses. There are many (even inexpensive) alternatives, and it is always better to get married in a simpler but high-quality wedding dress than in a poor copy of a high-priced designer dress. At noni, in addition to our current collections, we also offer you bridal fashion on sale all year round as well as affordable outlet items that you can order online.

      You can also rely on your feeling: If the price for the wedding dress is simply too good to be true, things are not right here. No wedding dress can be made for €150 from high-quality fabrics or under fair conditions for employees.
      At noni we have been designing and manufacturing our wedding dresses ourselves since 2005 and we work with great passion.

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      Brautkleider online kaufen
      Brautkleider online kaufen

      Over 30 employees work on all channels in the workshop, showroom, online shop and shipping to help you get your dream dress. Our focus is on the topics of craftsmanship, quality and sustainability of the materials used, as well as fair and just working conditions for our colleagues. Each noni wedding dress is handmade on site by our professionally trained seamstresses and meets the highest quality standards.

      Brautkleider online kaufen
      Brautkleider online kaufen
      Brautkleider online kaufen

      Buy wedding dresses online – The advantages

      If you don't live in a city with a great selection of beautiful bridal shops and bridal concept stores, you may have to travel far to find your dream outfit, and in many cases not just once:

      First, a few exhibits are usually tried on during the first consultation. Once the dream dress has been found, it is then ordered especially for the bride or - as with noni - made in the in-house workshop after the order has been confirmed. Once the dress is ready, a fitting follows in most bridal shops.
      This step is not necessary at noni because we send you your wedding dress. Nevertheless, it usually takes around four months from the first wedding dress consultation to the finished dress - that's how much time a #noni bride who visits us in the showroom has to plan for.

      In addition to the travel time, the wedding dress search itself can be time-consuming. An appointment in a bridal fashion store can easily take around 1.5 hours - of course, it's not always the rule that you find what you're looking for in the first store. Sure, many women and especially brides-to-be love going shopping and would love to go shopping every Saturday with their best friend, mom or maid of honor. But trying on and comparing outfits on site isn't fun for everyone. Many women are happy when they don't have to spend whole days or expensive city trips; after all, the wedding itself needs to be planned and organized in peace and quiet.

      When you buy a wedding dress online, you can have your dream outfit conveniently delivered to your home. You can try everything on at your leisure, sleep on it for a night or more and slip into your dress several times to make sure. You can invite your best friend or mother and compare different variants and combinations without being under time pressure.

      Of course you can also order different sizes, lengths or models, accessories and bridal shoes to choose from. You have a 14-day right of return and can send your return easily via our returns portal.

      Brautkleider online kaufen
      Brautkleider online kaufen

      Buy wedding dresses online – The disadvantages

      Buying a wedding dress from a professional bridal shop should be a unique and wonderful experience for you. Together with your best friend, maid of honor and/or mom, you will have a great time and can try on the most beautiful wedding dresses and find matching accessories such as bridal shoes or hair accessories.

      In a good bridal fashion store, a personal advisor will look after you, help you into the dress, put on your bridal shoes and anticipate your every wish. You will receive sensitive advice from trained and experienced specialist staff. If you have problem areas, your consultant will immediately know which cut and which wedding dress model is suitable for visually highlighting your advantages, and she will give you valuable tips to underline your personal style.

      If you are unsure about which neckline, which color and which line would look good on you, there is often a good chance that you will not find the perfect wedding dress for you on your first visit to the showroom. Under certain circumstances, the process can be very lengthy and frustrating. This makes competent, sensitive and personal advice all the more important.

      These are all things that we can take into account very well on site, but only up to a certain point online. Nevertheless, it is always worth a try to order wedding dresses online. If you are unsure, we offer you a free video consultation. We can also be reached using our contact form if you have any questions.

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      Brautkleider online kaufen
      Brautkleider online kaufen

      Be inspired by real brides

      We have already made countless noni brides happy. Whether as a customer in our Cologne showroom or through an order in the online shop: they all looked stunning on their big day with a noni wedding dress. You can find a small selection here:

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