Wedding Guests Attire

      A wedding is always also a great occasion for guests, maids of honor, bridesmaids or mothers of the bride to finally shine in a chic outfit.
      In order to perfectly round out your formal look, we carry a classy selection of both elegant evening dresses and cocktail dresses as well as lace tops and flowing chiffon skirts to combine for a trendy two piece look in our online shop for you.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      The dress code is often stated on the invitation. If this is not the case, you can inquire directly with the bride and groom or the maid of honor.
      In general, the rule is that only the bride should wear white. It is therefore advisable to choose other colors so as not to overshadow or even offend the bride. Of course, there are also open-minded brides who even insist that the entire wedding party appear dressed in white. To be on the safe side, the choice of color should always be discussed with the bride and groom in advance to avoid unpleasant situations.
      This depends on the wedding and cultural customs. Black is now accepted in many Western cultures, but it may be considered inappropriate in other cultures or with certain wedding styles.
      The length of the dress often depends on the dress code. For formal weddings, long dresses are usually the safe choice, while for less formal occasions, shorter dresses may also be appropriate.
      In general, wedding guests should never steal the bride's thunder. Wearing clothes in ivory, white or cream is mostly reserved for the wedding dress. Eye-catching colours such as bright red should at most be found in accessories.  Female wedding guests often forego black dresses although it is no longer an issue to wear the "little black dress". Alternatively, a dark blue looks just as elegant and festive as black. Many brides and grooms set dress codes for their wedding. If the bridal couple explicitly want the guests to wear a colourful outfit, you can confidently choose from a wide range of colours. Talk to the bride or groom about any uncertainties concerning your outfit. Be careful to not show too much skin in the church or at the registry office during the wedding ceremony. Off-the-shoulder and sleeveless dresses as well as low plunging necklines should be covered with a knitted cardigan or stole.
      The bridesmaids, the mother of the bride or the maid of honour usually coordinate their outfits with the bride's look. One possibility would be that the pattern of the bride's dress can be found in the dresses of the wedding guests - in a different colour obviously!  A lot of brides shop take their bridesmaids, maid of honour and mother to look for their dress and use this as an opportunity to determine a coherent style for their female entourage.
      Usually, you should choose an elegant, casual outfit for your registry office wedding. For the wedding celebration you can go for something more glittery and sparkly.  If you are to join the bridal couple at both events and don't want to wear the same dress twice, a trendy [**two-piece look**]( might be perfect for you. Match a simple, elegant [**skirt**]( with different [**coloured tops**]( to always be perfectly styled.
      This depends heavily on your personal budget and the expectations of the wedding. There are elegant options in all price ranges. Setting a budget in advance can be helpful.
      Yes, as long as the dress fits the occasion and the dress code, it is perfectly fine to wear a dress again.
      Shoes and accessories should be stylish but also comfortable, especially if you plan to dance or if the wedding lasts many hours. They should match your dress in terms of color and style. In addition to [shoes]( for the bride, at noni you will also find many models in different styles and colors that are ideal as shoes for wedding guests.

      The wedding is a special event – not just for the bride and groom

      A wedding is undoubtedly a special and meaningful event, not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests. The invited wedding guests have the honor of witnessing this significant moment in the lives of the bride and groom.

      Overall, a wedding is often not just a private affair for the bride and groom, but an event that brings community, joy, love and meaning for everyone involved. As a wedding guest, you have the opportunity to take part in a special chapter in the bride and groom's life and enjoy a valuable experience.

      Community and gathering: Weddings bring people together who may not have seen each other in a long time. It is an opportunity to meet family and friends and strengthen community.

      Celebration and Joy: Weddings are joyous occasions that are all about love, happiness and celebration. The atmosphere is often one of positivity and joy.

      Unique memories: As a guest you have the opportunity to create unique and lasting memories. These can be moments of joy, laughter, dancing and togetherness that you will treasure for a lifetime.

      Cultural and religious traditions: Weddings can also include cultural and religious traditions and rituals that can be interesting and enriching for guests.

      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste
      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste

      Wedding guests attire

      Many guests enjoy dressing up for a wedding. The opportunity to dress elegantly and feel good adds to the special atmosphere.

      Choosing the right clothing as a wedding guest is important as it shows respect for the bride and groom and the solemnity of the occasion.

      Dress code: Please note the specified dress code on the invitation. If no dress code is specified, choose an outfit that matches the type and style of the wedding. For formal weddings, an elegant evening dress is recommended; for more informal weddings, you can wear a chic, shorter dress.

      Colours: Avoid wearing white or cream dresses as these colours are traditionally reserved for the wedding dress and it could be rude to appear in similar colours. Ask if you are unsure which colours are appropriate.

      Comfort: Choose an outfit that is comfortable and allows you to move freely and enjoy the celebrations. High heels should be comfortable enough to wear all day or evening.

      Respect cultural sensibilities: If the wedding has a specific cultural or religious tradition, find out in advance about appropriate dress and behavior to show respect.

      Overall, the role of a wedding guest plays an important role in creating a positive and meaningful experience for the bride and groom and the other guests. By dressing appropriately and behaving respectfully, you can help make the wedding a special and smooth event.

      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste
      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste

      What dress codes are there for wedding guests?

      There are different dress codes that can be used at weddings to give guests an idea of how they should dress. The choice of dress code often depends on the formality of the wedding. Here are the most common examples:

      Formal or Black Tie: This is the most formal type of dress code for weddings. Women should wear long evening dresses, while men should wear a tuxedo with a bow tie or tie.

      Semi-Formal or Cocktail: This dress code is less formal than black tie but still chic. Women can wear short or knee-length cocktail dresses, while men should wear suits with a tie.

      Festive or Festive: This dress code is a less formal variant of semi-formal. Ladies can appear in smart dresses, which can be both short and long, while men can wear suits or even light blazers with shirts and ties.

      Casual: At a casual wedding, the dress code is more relaxed. Women can appear in more informal dresses or skirts and blouses, while men can appear in casual trousers and shirts or even polo shirts. In some cases, swimwear may be appropriate for a beach wedding.

      Rustic or Boho: These dress codes are often associated with rustic or boho-inspired weddings. Women can appear in airy, flowing dresses, while men can appear in casual outfits such as linen pants and shirts.

      Theme wedding: For a theme wedding, the clothing should match the theme. This could include guests dressing according to the chosen theme or era.

      Color Code: Some weddings specify a color code where guests are encouraged to wear clothing in a specific color or color palette.

      No dress code: Some weddings have no specific dress code at all, giving guests more freedom when choosing what to wear. In this case, however, you should consider the style and formality of the wedding.

      It is important to read the invitation and information from the bride and groom carefully to determine the correct dress code. As a wedding guest, you can always ask the bride and groom or the groomsmen for advice in advance. Note that it is usually always better to dress up rather than dress down if you are unsure.

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      Which colours are appropriate for wedding guests?

      Although dress choices for wedding guests have become more flexible and many colours are nowadays accepted, there are still some colours you may want to avoid so as not to overshadow the bride or appear inappropriate.

      White: White is the classic colour of the wedding dress, and it is thus common in most cultures and traditions for only the bride to wear white. Wearing white as a wedding guest can be seen as disrespectful to the bride as it can take the focus away from her.

      Ivory or Cream: These colours are similar to white and may also be considered inappropriate. It is advisable to choose colours that are significantly different from ivory or cream to avoid confusion.

      Black: In some cultures and traditions, black is associated with sadness and misfortune and therefore may be considered inappropriate for a wedding guest outfit. However, in many modern Western societies, black is now acceptable, particularly for evening weddings.

      Red: Red is often a striking and dominant colour that is associated with happiness and celebration in some cultures. However, you should make sure that the red of your outfit is not too bright or too flashy so as not to draw attention to itself.

      Extremely bold or bright colours: While vibrant colours are generally acceptable, you should avoid extremely bold or bright colours that could be too eye-catching or distracting.

      Colours that contradict the wedding theme or colour palette: If the bride and groom have set a specific colour palette or wedding theme, you should avoid colors that contradict that to respect the desired aesthetic.

      Colours that you personally don't like or that don't flatter your skin tone: It's important to choose colours that suit your skin tone and that you feel comfortable in.

      As a wedding guest, it is generally important for you to note that the acceptance of colours as appropriate or inappropriate may be based on regional traditions, cultural norms and personal preferences.

      In most cases, it's best to make subtle and respectful dress colour choices to keep the focus on the bride and groom.

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      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste

      What cuts and silhouettes are there for wedding guest dresses?

      As a wedding guest, it is important to choose a dress cut that flatters your figure and gives you confidence. Choosing the right dress cut can vary depending on your body type.

      A-line: An A-line dress has a narrow waist and then flares out into a flared skirt. This cut flatters most body types and accentuates the waist while hiding problem areas in the hips and thighs.

      Empire: Empire dresses have a high waist that falls just below the bust and a flowing skirt. This cut is particularly beneficial for women with a pear shape as it places emphasis on the chest and balances the lower body.

      High-waisted dresses: High-waisted dresses that fit snugly at the natural waist and then flow down the body are ideal for women with an hourglass figure. They emphasize the waist and flatter the curves.

      Sheath dresses: Sheath dresses are fitted and follow the natural body line. They are a good choice for women with a slim or athletic figure as they emphasize the silhouette.

      V-neck: A V-neck on the dress can lengthen the upper body and stretch the neck. This is beneficial for women with shorter torsos or larger busts as it emphasizes the cleavage.

      Ruffles and Flounces: Ruffles and flounces can be used to create or accentuate curves. Women with a flat chest or narrow hips may benefit from dresses with ruffles or ruffles in the bust or hip areas.

      Slit: A dress with a leg slit can add length and movement to the outfit. This can be beneficial for women with longer legs or a narrow waist.

      Regardless of your body type, it is important to choose a dress that you feel comfortable in. Try out different styles and pay attention to details like the neckline, length of the dress, and embellishments to find the perfect wedding guest dress.

      As with the wedding dress, comfort is extremely important when it comes to guest outfits: a good fit always has a positive effect on the wearing comfort and can guarantee hours of celebration fun. Keep in mind that as a wedding guest, you may not only be dancing or participating in games. Sitting or standing in a dress for long periods of time isn't always easy if it doesn't fit properly.

      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste
      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste
      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste

      The cost of wedding guests dresses

      Setting a budget in advance will help you control your expenses as a wedding guest and ensure you stay within your financial means.

      In addition to budgeting for your guest outfit, consider other wedding expenses such as gifts, travel and accommodation, if applicable.

      Also plan costs for accessories and shoes. Jewelry, handbags and possibly headgear are also included.

      Set priorities: If your budget is limited, consider which elements of the outfit are most important to you. You may be willing to spend more money on a high-quality dress while saving on accessories and shoes for cheaper pieces or items you already have in your wardrobe.

      Start researching your wedding guest outfit early so you have time to look for deals and discounts if necessary.

      Remember that weddings are all about celebrating the bride and groom. Your outfit should be appropriate and respectful, but it doesn't have to be exorbitantly expensive to be stylish and appropriate.

      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste
      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste
      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste
      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste
      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste
      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste

      Wedding guest dresses you can wear again and again

      Buy a wedding guest outfit that you can wear more than once. Choose versatile clothing that is suitable for other occasions or everyday wear. At noni you will find super versatile wrap dresses in many different colors and designs online and in the noni boutique, which can be wrapped in different and exciting ways. Practical two-piece dresses consisting of a top and skirt are also a sustainable option, as the individual components can be individually combined with other pieces for many other occasions.