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A hair clip for the wedding should be chosen in such a way that it fulfils its purpose: should it hold the honeymoon together or serve only as a beautiful decoration? Depending on the situation, wedding rings with a tighter clasp and clasps with romantic decorations are best suited. Make sure that the colour of the buckle matches your dress and the rest of your jewellery, so that you have a uniform look. In addition, your bridal gown should be of high quality so that you can enjoy it for a long time and give it to your bridesmaid the final glamorous finish. Hair clips for the bride are available in many different versions, from classic to modern. For example, you can choose between strands of hair with pearls, strands of hair with flowers or strands with street decoration. For example, for very detailed wedding dresses or a lot of jewelry, we recommend a simpler bride hairbrush, for simple looks it may be a bit more or you underline the simple elegance with a subtle pearl hairbrush. What is important is that you feel comfortable with your accessory and give yourself a coherent overall picture.
If you buy your hair pliers for the wedding in the store, you have the advantage that you can take it right into your hand and maybe try it. So you can be sure that you really like it too. In the online shop you have a much larger selection for this, and you can easily choose your favourite and compare different models. If you order in our shop, you do not take any risk, because of course you can send the hair jewelry back within 14 days within Germany free of charge.
Hairpins are simple hair pins that are pushed into the hair. Are especially suitable for high-cut hairstyles, as they keep the hair inconspicuously in place. Hairpins for the wedding with a nice decoration give your bridal hairstyle the finishing touchwithout, without seeing much of the rest of the hair clip. They are such an uncomplicated yet very effective hair accessory.
Whether you bring your bride hairpins yourself to your hairdresser's appointment, you should check with your hairdresser or stylist first. If only simple Bobby Pins are used for the haircut, you can often buy them from the hairdresser or even get them for free.
If you have selected specific wishes, or have previously selected special hairpins or hairbrushes, bring them to your appointment so that your hairdresser can integrate them professionally into your honeymoon.
In principle, hair clips are suitable for all hair types. When choosing the right hair pliers for your wedding, however, you should pay attention to your individual hair type. Thick and curly hair is better held by slightly larger hair lambs. In the case of fine hair, the hair lammer should close firmly, so that it does not slip so quickly. Hairpins, which are simply put into the hair, actually work for every hair type. Your hairdresser will be happy to advise you on matching hair jewelry.
Hair clips are particularly suitable for high-sticking haircuts. On the one hand, they keep the hair in shape all day, on the other hand, with a beautiful hairbrush as an accessory, you can put a very special accent. But even in open hair or for a half-up you can use hair clips wonderfully. There are no limits to your creativity here. The best way to try your hair is with your hairdresser or the person who takes care of your hair on your wedding day, which hairstyle you like and then choose the right hair jewelry.