Beautiful things for flower children


      We also have a selection of beautiful accessories for little wedding guests at the noni online shop: Hair accessories and bracelets with real, preserved flowers, that match a variety of flower girl outfits with their romantic vintage and boho styles.

      All the flower crowns and bracelets for flower children as well as the children's bow ties are also suitable for many other joyful eventssuch as baptisms, communions or the children's own birthdays.

      For grand entrance of the little cuties before and after the wedding ceremony, you can also find beautiful ring pillows, covered in our noni brides' favorite laces, to match their bridal look.

      Brand new: enchanting outfits for flower girls in a timeless wedding white colour with lace detailing.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The custom of having flower children scattering petals along the bride and groom's path at a wedding is a pagan tradition that is now celebrated at many weddings and was originally intended to ensure a child-filled future for the newlyweds. Nowadays, the little guests primarily lend a festive and charming ambience and enchant the wedding party with their presence. As the name suggests, flower children are tasked with scattering petals along the way. Alternatively, they can also scatter bubbles or - if possible on site - confetti.
      Flower children are usually between 3 and 9 years old. But if your family and friends have children that are only slightly younger or older, that's no problem at all. Theoretically, any child can be a flower child. The main thing is that the child can walk independently and understands what it is supposed to be doing. Of course you should decide for yourself how many flower children you would like to have in your wedding.
      This, of course, depends mostly on your personal taste. If you want to keep it simple and elegant, you can choose outfits for the flower children to match your bridal looks and decor. Unlike the adult guests, flower girls are allowed to wear a white dresses. Flower boys can wear a classic black suit or a children's blazer with jeans. For matching accessories, we recommend floral hair wreaths for girls and floral pins for the boys.