What do I need to consider if returning shoes?

If you order shoes, please pay attention to the following points:

1. We can only take back shoes if the shoes, protective seal and packaging are in perfect condition.

There may be a thin protective seal under the sole of your shoe, depending on the manufacturer. However, this only protects the shoes from light wear and tear, such as careful try-ons on carpeted floors. Once you have decided which shoe you want, you can remove the seal. You can usually find the beginning of the film at the heel of your shoe and can easily remove it - if you are sure that you want to keep the shoe!

When trying on your shoes, the following applies: Only try on the shoes on carpet! Wooden or stone floors very easily scratch the precious soles. If you do not have a carpet, you can put a blanket or towel down to try on the shoes. Please repack the shoes carefully and make sure that the heel of one shoe does not press into the leather of the other shoe.

2. To return the shoes, please use our box or another sturdy box and do not ship the shoes only in the shoe box!