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Hair comb with fine rhinestone leaves for your bridal hairstyle

A wonderful floral hair decoration with shining rhinestone leaves, which is put into the hairstyle as a hair comb and is a real eye-catcher as a set.

The comb for the bride is available in classic gold or silver as well as in trendy rose gold.


The hair ornament measures approx. 5 x 0.6 - 2.5 cm, plus the hair comb.

Materials used

wire: brass

Leaves: Strass

Please note with your piece of jewellery that the material can oxidize gradually in connection with air, which lets it tarnish darkly. To avoid this, you should ideally order your jewellery about 2-4 months before your wedding and store it in a plastic bag or velvet pouch in the dark, such as a drawer or casket.

If discoloration has formed over time, you can use a silver care cloth to make your jewelry shine again.

Manufacturing notes

Handmade in Canada with love and care.

Whenever possible, high-quality, locally sourced materials are used in the manufacturing process.

You can buy your accessories online or make a personal appointment at our bridal fashion store in Cologne.

Please also book a consulting appointment for accessories or bridal shoes to avoid long waits in our showroom and alllow us to optimally plan and prepare your visit.

Additional information

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Pictured wedding dresses, further accessories or bridal shoes are not included.

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