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Quick help for stains on wedding dress, veil and accessories

Chocolate, make up, red wine, sauces, coffee and wedding cake on the precious wedding dress are an absolute nightmare for every bride on her big day. Home remedies, chalk or conventional cleaners remove such unsightly stains only to a limited extent or are not always handy.

For beautiful souvenir photos without stains on wedding dress or veil and an untarnished celebration, we now have the Emergency set from CLEANER4 | Wedding Dresses in the assortment.

The special cleaner dissolves Lipstick, Make Up, Sauce and drink stains in seconds without leaving water marks.

Stains on Wedding dress, Wedding shoes, Veil or Accessories like Handbags or Garter can very easy according to short application time be removed:

- Spray the stain with a little cleaner from the handy spray bottle.
- Let everything soak in for 15 seconds.
- Spray some cleaner onto the microfiber cloth provided and lightly rub or dab the stain with it. As a rule, this will dissolve all impurities.
- Repeat the process if necessary in the case of heavy soiling.

The most important properties

Fast deep action, solvent free, non-flammable, non-toxic and biodegradable.

CLEANER4 | Wedding Dresses is of course also after the wedding a practical tool at everyday life, on Travel or in the Office.

 The emergency kit fits in most handbags and is also a great little gift idea to Wedding or for the bachelor party.

Please note that the emergency cleaner does not replace a professional cleaning of your wedding dress. If you want a complete wedding dress cleaning after the wedding, please contact an appropriate professional company.

Opened sets are excluded from exchange!

Scope of delivery

Emergency wedding dress stain remover + 20 ml spray bottle
20 x 30 cm microfiber cloth
Booklet with instructions for use

Additional information

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Pictured clothes and further accessories are not included.

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