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      Timeless elegance and purity: white wedding dresses are symbols of innocence and new beginnings. Each dress tells a story of dreams, hopes and endless love. Find the right bridal look in white for your big day!
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      White wedding dresses: why they are so popular

      White wedding dresses have a long tradition and are considered the epitome of purity, innocence and elegance. For centuries, brides around the world have chosen white dresses for their special day, and this choice is deeply rooted in history and culture.

      The tradition of the white wedding dress goes back to Queen Victoria of England, who married Prince Albert in 1840. She wore a royal blue wedding dress, which was unusual at the time. But it was her white lace dress that sparked a fashion wave and helped white wedding dresses become a symbol of weddings. Since then, white wedding dresses have established themselves as a timeless choice.

      In addition to purity and innocence, white wedding dresses also symbolize hope for a happy future. They radiate a certain elegance and simplicity that fit perfectly with the festive occasion of a wedding. White dresses are often associated with traditional weddings, but they are also very popular with modern brides who appreciate the classic look.

      It is important to note that not all white is the same - there are different shades ranging from pure white to snow white to ivory to cream and champagne tones. White is also often combined with blush or soft pink lining, which provides a subtle touch of colour.

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      White wedding gowns are more versatile than you might think!

      The variety of white wedding dresses is impressive. From simple, flowing fabrics to opulent ball gowns with elaborate embroidery and beads - there is a dress to suit every taste and every figure. Lace, silk, satin and tulle are just some of the materials white wedding dresses are made from, and each variation gives the dress a unique touch.

      For many brides, choosing the perfect white wedding dress is an emotional highlight of wedding planning. It is the dress that best expresses her personality and style. Whether it is a simple, timeless design or an elaborately decorated wedding dress, the white wedding dress is a symbol of love, happiness and the magic of the wedding day.

      What styles of white wedding dresses are there and are particularly popular?

      There are a variety of white wedding dresses available, encompassing a wide range of styles, cuts and details. Here are some of the most common types of white wedding dresses:

      - A-line: The A-line wedding dress is a classic choice that stands out for its flattering silhouette. It's fitted at the waist and then flares out towards the bottom, creating an A-shape. This cut suits most body types and is both elegant and timeless.
      - Ballgown: The ultimate fairytale dress, the ballgown features a fitted bodice and a full, voluminous skirt. It is ideal for brides who want to make a dramatic statement and is particularly suitable for formal weddings.
      - Mermaid/Mermaid: The mermaid dress accentuates the bride's curves and hugs her figure up to mid-thigh before it flares out. This silhouette is very feminine and gives an elegant, sensual touch.
      - Sheath/Column: The sheath or column dress has a slim, straight line that runs close to the body. It is perfect for modern, minimalist brides who prefer a simple and elegant look.
      - Empire: The empire dress has a high waist that falls just below the bust and a flowing, usually loose skirt. This style is ideal for pregnant brides or those looking for a casual, romantic look.
      - Princess: Similar to the ball gown but less voluminous, the princess dress offers a fairytale look with a fitted bodice and flared skirt. It is a popular choice for brides who prefer a royal elegance.
      - Vintage/Retro: Vintage-inspired wedding dresses draw inspiration from decades past and offer a nostalgic aesthetic. They can include elements such as lace, beading and vintage cuts and are perfect for brides looking for a unique, timeless look.
      - Boho: Boho wedding dresses are loosely cut and often have a relaxed, natural look. They are perfect for romantic, outdoor weddings and can include elements such as lace, floral patterns and flowing fabrics.
      - Two-piece wedding dresses: at noni you will mainly find two-piece wedding dresses that you can style individually according to the mix & match principle. Choose your personal favorite combination from bridal top and bottom such as skirt or trousers in which you feel most comfortable. Two-piece white wedding dresses are ideal for every type of wedding and are particularly popular for weddings at the registry office.

      These are just a few examples of the variety of white wedding dresses - there are many more variations and combinations of styles, cuts and details. No matter what style you choose, the most important thing is that you feel beautiful and confident in your wedding dress.

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      Who does white wedding dresses suit?

      White wedding dresses generally suit every bride, regardless of her skin tone, body shape or personal style. The beauty of a white wedding dress lies in its versatility and timelessness. However, there are a few clues that can help you figure out whether a white wedding dress is right for you:

      - Brides of all skin tones: White wedding dresses are a neutral choice that suits all skin tones. Whether you have a fair, pale complexion or deeper, olive skin, a white wedding dress can enhance your natural glow.
      - Brides of all body shapes: There are a variety of cuts and silhouettes in white wedding dresses that are suitable for different body shapes. Whether you have an hourglass figure, a pear shape, an apple figure or a petite stature, there is always a white wedding dress that will flatter your figure and accentuate your best features.
      - Brides with different style preferences: White wedding dresses come in a wide range of styles, from simple and modern to opulent and romantic. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or are looking for a touch of vintage or boho, there is a white wedding dress to suit your personal style.
      - Brides with different wedding venues and themes: White wedding dresses suit a variety of wedding venues and themes. Whether you're planning a formal castle wedding, a relaxed seaside beach wedding or an intimate outdoor garden wedding, a white wedding dress can blend seamlessly into any setting.
      - Brides who appreciate tradition and symbolism: For brides who appreciate the traditional symbolism and meaning of a white wedding dress, this is the perfect choice.

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      How to find your perfect white wedding gown

      Finding the perfect white wedding dress can be an exciting but also challenging experience. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

      - Budget: Set a realistic budget for your wedding dress. It is important that you stay within your financial means and take additional costs such as modifications and accessories into account.
      - Style and preferences: Think in advance about what style of wedding dress you prefer. Do you prefer simple, modern dresses or do you dream of a romantic, opulent ball gown? Setting a rough style can make searching a lot easier.
      - Body type and fit: Take your body shape into account and choose a wedding dress that flatters your figure. Try out different cuts and silhouettes to find what suits you best.
      - Timeline: Start looking for your wedding dress early, preferably six to nine months before the wedding. This gives you enough time to explore different options, do fittings and make any changes. We have summarized in a short article how a wedding dress consultation at noni works.
      - Location and theme of the wedding: Consider the location and theme of your wedding when choosing your wedding dress. An elegant ball gown may be more appropriate for a formal castle wedding, while a light, flowy dress is perfect for a beach wedding.
      - Comfort: Make sure you feel comfortable in your wedding dress and can move freely. Remember that you will be spending the whole day in it, so it is important that you feel relaxed and confident in it.
      - Accessories and details: Think about what type of accessories you want to wear with your wedding dress, such as veils, jewelry, shoes, and hair accessories. Make sure they fit well with the style of your dress and emphasize your personality.

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      Which bridal accessories go best with white wedding dresses?

      White wedding dresses are paired with a variety of accessories, shoes, and makeup options that can complete and perfect the look. Here are some ideas of what goes with white wedding dresses:

      - Veil: A veil is a classic accessory that goes perfectly with a white wedding dress. There are different lengths and styles, from birdcages, short veils to long, floating veils that create a dramatic effect.
      - Jewelry: Choose jewelry that complements your personal style and doesn't distract from the dress. Pearls, diamonds and delicate gold or silver jewelry go well with white wedding dresses and give them an elegant touch. Metallic tones in particular create an exciting contrast to the clean white of your wedding dress.
      - Hair Accessories: From flower crowns to headbands to delicate hairpins, there are many options for hair accessories to complement the wedding dress. Choose something that fits your wedding theme and hairstyle.

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      - Shoes: Choose comfortable but stylish shoes that match your wedding dress. White or ivory pumps, sandals, or ballet flats are popular options, but you can also choose colored shoes that add a touch of personality.
      - Belt or sash: A bridal belt or sash around the waist can add definition to the wedding dress and emphasize your figure. Choose a ribbon in a color or fabric that matches the dress, or add some sparkle with a sparkly belt.
      - Capes, jackets or boleros: For weddings in cooler climates or evening events, you can wear a jacket or bolero over your wedding dress. You can find bridal capes in different designs, from simple to romantic to dramatic with a long train.
      - Make-up: Choose make-up that enhances your natural glow and flatters your wedding dress. Classic, timeless looks with emphasized eyes and a natural complexion go well with white wedding dresses.
      - Bouquet: A bouquet of flowers is the ultimate accessory for the bride and should match her wedding dress. Choose flowers and colors that complement the style and color palette of your wedding.

      Ultimately, it's important to choose accessories and details that match your personal style and the style of your wedding dress. Experiment with different options and choose what feels best for you.

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      Meet our real nonibrides in their white wedding dresses

      A small selection of our real brides will show you how versatile and individual white wedding dresses can look. Get inspired!

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