Florale Braut Epauletten mit Strass

Floral bridal epaulettes with rhinestones

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Handmade shoulder appliques with sparkling rhinestones and floral embellishments

Accentuate your shoulder area and give your look a luxurious upgrade. These glamorous epaulettes are fixed on the left and right shoulder of your wedding dress or top. White flowers, petals of delicate lace, shimmering faux pearls and sparkling rhinestones make for a very special accessory that will round out your outfit in an elegant and feminine way.

Offer includes set of 2, consisting of one epaulette each for left and right.

- faux gemstones
- beads
- polyester
Lovingly handcrafted in Spain. Each piece is a unique specimen. From the product image deviating flower shape and colour deviations are possible and should be appreciated as part of its natural and unique character.
Discover more bridal accessories in our webshop. Please note: other pictured jewellery or bridal fashion not included in the offer.

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